Thursday, March 7, 2013

Outdoor Videos

Okay, you've saved your money for the last 6 years, worked hundreds of hours on creative and have found the perfect outdoor location for your new outdoor video shoot; who do you call in Kansas City to make your video production dreams come true?  Go to your computer right now and type in or pick up the phone and dial 913.888.2383 and ask for Steve Molloy at CVP Productions! That's right, a professional video production company located in the heart of the Midwest that can handle your needs for outdoor videos, corporate videos and full 2D and 3D animation
Outdoor Videos Kansas City CVP Productions

Outdoor videos require a different skill set for videos related to hunting or fishing.  Your standard corporate video production videographer can't simply transfer his expertise to a 20 foot tree stand in Montana or a 6x6 hunting blind on an icy lake in Canada.  CVP Productions has over 20 years in producing outdoor videos for individuals, non-profit organizations, corporate outdoor manufacturers and nationwide sponsored outdoor television productions.  If you are looking for a professional video production company that can service all your outdoor video needs, no matter how big or small, don't hesitate to contact CVP Productions for a production that comes with a 100% written guarantee.

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