Monday, May 20, 2013

Give Viewers a Break with Sports Animation and More

If you’re filming a long video or just one that contains a lot of information, it’s good to include small breaks for your viewers in the video. One way that you can do this, for example, is to include brief sports animation clips or other fun little cartoons and extras. Sports animation clips aren’t just for sports videos either. Sports analogies are popular and well understood and no one would question why a clip of a football player yelling “Touchdown” accompanied a video section about success, drive, or winning.

A skilled Kansas City sports animation team can easily insert various clips and cartoons into your video during the editing process. If you don’t want cartoons or other graphics in your video, then you should find other ways to provide viewers with a mental break. People often cannot process having a lot of information thrown at them at once, and if you want to ensure that every part of your video is heard, enjoyed, and understood, you’ll make time for your viewers to have a breather. Some people accomplish this simply by putting brief pauses or breaks in the video itself or by dividing it into several short segments. During the breaks, viewers can get up, use the restroom, grab a coffee or a snack, or just chat about what they’ve seen. Some smart business owners even use this time for fun teamwork or learning activities related to the video being presented. It doesn’t matter what you do really, as long as you keep viewers in mind as you design your video.